Monday, July 6, 2009

Anna and the King of Siam

I finally finished reading it! It did get better in the second half.

What makes it a compelling story is the last chapter: the long-term results of the influence Anna had over the Prince, and ultimately the culture of Siam. I find it interesting that the musical adaptation focuses much more on her relationship with the King, how it changes eventually to a friendship, even hinting at more.

I wanted to read it because I was hoping for some really wonderful descriptive passage about the Palace and the city to inspire me for the design of the show. They were few and far between, since the book is really centered on Anna’s relationships and the social circumstances of the people she meets.

I watched the movie again a few days after finishing the book, and was reminded what a really breathtaking number “Small House of Uncle Thomas” is, and how incredibly amazing Jerome Robbins work is.

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