Friday, December 25, 2009

Burlesque and Carnage

Ah, with Christmas break comes some welcome quiet time to read. I finally finished the Gypsy memoir today. A truly fascinating read, really very interesting and sooooooo helpful in preparing to direct the show. Some of my favorite quotes:

  • "Start thinkin' about what your goin' to be tomorrow - not what you were yesterday."
  • I wanted to say good-by to someone, just once, who was sorry to see us leave.
  • "God will protect us. But to make sure, carry a heavy club."

After I finished that, I read God of Carnage - Yasmina Reza's latest hit. Funny, funny stuff. A show I'd love to do in eight or ten years. I love the rapid disintegration from proper and polite to way-too-personal mud-slinging and fit-pitching. I guess vomiting on the coffee table will do that to an evening.

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